2016–17 Round 4

Sunday 05 Feb 2017
RAL Harwell; hosted by Abingdon AC

Participating clubs may enter runners prior to the season and in accordance with the updated Rules on the website also included in the Team Managers’ Guide, and will issue a number to their runners.
Runners may not enter as individuals.
Guest runners may be permitted, but again only in accordance with the updated Rules as well as included in the Team Managers’ Guide.

Race Location – RAL Harwell:
Map of Immediate Vicinity

Please Note:

This is private land. There will be no access for runners or vehicles before 09.00am on February 5th.

Please note that there is a new, improved Chilton Interchange when travelling from the north and south on the A34. Please note also that access is from the roundabout indicated by the red arrow on the map. Once off the A4185, follow signs to the RAL, then turn left at the second roundabout, to leave the round synchrotron building on your right. Follow this road around to the car park. The car park is indicated by the black arrow on the map.

The car parking will be arranged by the hosts and the parking fee will be £3.00 per vehicle.

2016 Restrictions Apply:

To mitigate against the potential loss of the future use of the RAL Harwell venue the same precautionary measures will be in force as for last season’s fixture held at this venue. As a consquence urinating anywhere in public at the venue will not be tolerated. Anyone seen urinating in public will be identified and their club informed. The individual identified will be disqualified from the race and banned from the League. Sufficient toilet facilities will be provided. Please use them.

Please read the RAL Site Manager’s Notice from last year.
In addition all vehicles are required to follow the signs and marshal instructions to park in the designated parking area. Please follow the signs from Fermi Avenue to the parking facilities provided and DO NOT drive into Severn Road as it is a private road. The League received complaints from residents last season and wish to avoid a repeat incident.

The local residential roads are private and off–limits to all but residential traffic.

Nearest Postcode: N/A

Grid Reference: SU 48119 86744

Grid Reference (6 figure): SU481867

X (Eastings) & Y (Northings) Coordinates: 448119 186744

Latitude, Longitude (Fixture Venue): 51.577514, -1.3070028

Race Timetable for 2016-17 Round 4

Race   Start Time      Age Group(s)         Target distance
0 09.55 U9 Girls and Boys 1200m
1 10.00 U11 Girls 1500m
2 10.10 U11 Boys 1500m
3 10.20 U13 Girls 2500m
4 10.30 U13 Boys 2500m
5 10.45 U15 and U17 Girls 3500m
6 11.00 U15 and U17 Boys 4800m
8 11.25 U20/Sen/Vet Men 8500m
7 12.05 U20/Sen/Vet Women 6500m
Please Note: The men’s race now precedes the women’s race at all fixtures.

The 2017 Course Maps are different from last year.

Age Groups for 2016–17 Season

These are all according to age at midnight on the age date (31 August 2016), except for U9s – see below.

U9 are age 7 or 8 on the age date, but the age 7s on the age date must have reached age 8 by the day of the event to comply with our minimum age of 8 on the day;
U11 are age 9 or 10 on the age date;
U13 are age 11 or 12 on the age date;
U15 are age 13 or 14 on the age date;
U17 are age 15 or 16 on the age date;
U20 are age 17, 18 or 19 on the age date;
Senior Women are age 20 to 34 on the age date;
Vet Women V1 are age 35 to 44; V2 are age 45 to 54; V3 are 55 or over on the age date;
Senior Men are age 20 to 39 on the age date;
Vet Men V1 are age 40 to 49; V2 are age 50 to 59; V3 are age 60 or over on the age date.

Entered by: Dene Stringfellow